The Practice of Pleasure: An Overview on Tantric Massage

The Practice of Pleasure: An Overview on Tantric Massage

Tantric massage gives you a sensual experience that combines both physical relaxation and sexual energies in your body. It’s a meticulous method of providing healing and comfort through the use of breathing techniques and full-body massages.

Although many individuals misjudge it purely as sexual activity, it’s important to note that it involves no sexual contact. It’s an ancient art form that utilises the complexity of sexual energy as a medium to relieve physical, emotional, and mental stresses.

Where did tantric massage come from?

The word tantra borrows its meaning from the Sanskrit words trayati and tanoti, which translates to freeing and growing. It’s a 9000-year-old practice that’s part of Vedic culture related to Shiva Lord and Shakti Goddess. Although it’s an ancient meditation technique, it was only recently that a variant of tantra transformed into massage therapy.

Its popularity started in the 1970s, which spread to California in the 1980s. From then on, it spread to different parts in Asia, where it quickly became a prevalent method. Many institutions and individuals use the tantra massage as a base to develop adaptations of the form.

Is tantric massage similar to erotic massage?

Many people confuse tantra with faith and worship. However, Tantric massage’s ancient roots come from Indian spiritual practices that people use for meditative yoga. The purpose of tantra is to achieve a higher sense of spirituality through meditation and sensual touch.

Unlike a sexual massage that lovers and erotic masseurs use, a tantric therapist doesn’t use masturbation techniques to generate pleasure. In fact, it gives you a more intimate understanding of your physiology by relaxing and stimulating different areas in your body to build up to the same sensation.

A tantric massage follows the principle of receiver and giver, where the recipient must submit to the sensual treatment without thinking about reciprocation. The masseuse utilises sensual and erotic massage techniques to bring you to the point of orgasm to elevate your sense of consciousness.

By shifting between fast and slow massage techniques, a tantric massage activates the kundalini to pass throughout your body. It’s an experience that creates a blissful feeling throughout your body as you reach your orgasm.

What should I anticipate when receiving a tantric massage?

Although therapists can use different massage techniques, tantric massage sessions generally start with a relaxing rub down. It’s a preamble that prepares you for what you’ll experience later on by setting the right mood for your mental and physical being.

Eventually, the therapist will start working in different parts of your body to excite different pleasure points. Newcomers trying out tantric massage for the first time are often surprised to discover which non-sexual sections can titillate them.

As the climax of the session, the masseuse will reach the lingam region to build up and slow down as you reach ejaculation. Your therapist will alternate between soft touches to vigorous strokes to control your release. It may feel unpleasant first, but the pleasurable back and forth is what makes it a satisfying conclusion that calms and relaxes your mind and your body.


It’s not uncommon for people unfamiliar with tantric massage to assume that it’s just a form of erotic massage. However, its techniques are far from invasive and continue only with the permission and guidance of the recipient. It’s a treatment that you must experience to believe its unique relieving effects.

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