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tantric nuru massage savor

          Nuru massage is an ancient type of massage originated in Japan. The “nuru” word means slippery in Japanese so this makes perfect sense, because the masseuse of your choice will use an organic, slippery gel made from nori seaweed.

What to expect from your Savor Nuru Massage

       The masseuse will use her nude body to slide all over yours, stimulating erotic desires and awaken your spirit, until you will be ready for the most perfect happy ending you ever had.

Nuru massage may not be something you have tried before, but it is a real delight, incredibly relaxing and phenomenally stimulating at the same time. If you are feeling inspired, you should know that there is nothing that is more stimulating than having two bodies rubbing up against one another that are fully naked. Every dip and curve of your masseuse’s body connect with every tip and edge of your own body.


We invite you to book your Savor Nuru Massage and feel something you never felt in your entire life. You won’t be sorry that you chose to have this extraordinary and erotic experience.

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