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tantric lingam massage

          Double the sensual indulgence for a happy beginning too in your session, not only a happy ending, because sometimes an orgasm is just not enough! 

Get rid of all of that tension and feel on top of the world!

       The majority of people believe that a lingam massage simply involves the Masseuse arousing the male client and hurriedly bringing him to a state of sexual climax. Much like a ‘rub and tug massage. On the contrary, our Lingam Massage London specialists have a very spiritual, affectionate and Tantric approach to this form of adult massage therapy. Connecting with another human being through the Art of seductive massage touch is most certainly the necessary tonic of our time. The body’s desire to be touched is a fundamental need.  Massage nourishes the body and calms the mind. It brings healing and immense pleasure to one’s life.

The lingam form of massage has a focus on clearing energy pathways and blockages, which is thought to promote the body’s healing process. A sensual and intimate male adult massage, nothing is like this intimate form of relieving massage typical lingam massage is a specific series of over two dozen distinct holds that both build and then also release pressure. It has been described as feeling like there are raising waves that then crash down, building and building with ever growing intensity and delight. As this energy builds up, it is held deliciously before being allowed to disperse and spreads over the entire body.


We invite you to book your Savor Lingam Massage and feel something you never felt in your entire life. You won’t be sorry that you chose to have this extraordinary and erotic experience. 

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