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body to body tantric

   The Savor Body to Body Massage is a genuine Tantric massage experience. It is performed in a perfect and warm atmosphere. Everything from music, soft candle lights and your masseuse are there to relax you and please you.

       Your experienced masseuse uses her entire body, covered in warm, non-scented oil, to massage yours. The Savor body to body massage is all about improving your body and soul.

For the best massage experience, relaxation is the key. You have to put away your thoughts, your stress and your fears and let yourself carried away into a deep hypnosis of the body. When you get into a complete relaxation mode, you will start to feel the pure pleasure of getting a genuine Tantric body to body massage.

The Savor Body to Body Massage is a new way of Tantric massage. It’s a new way to fulfill you emotionally as well as physically, building up a unique connection between you and the masseuse of your choice. Your personal masseuse’s touch creates an intimate physical and emotional connection, enabling her to better intuit where your body is holding stress and tension.

 Our experienced masseuses are truly unique and trained to give you the best full body to body massage you can get. There is no rush, no stress, just relaxation and pleasure.

As well as the physical benefits of such an experience there is no shorted on the psychological advantages it entails. Our professionally trained therapists are expert in releasing your built up stress. They will create an atmosphere free of any anxiety to ensure a satisfaction that you may never feel in your entire life.

 Nothing is rushed. Every tantalizing touch is done with precision and at a speed that makes it seem as if time itself is slow to a stop.

Here, at Savor London Massage, every massage is like a ceremony, everything has to be perfect and match every client desires and fantasies.

We invite you to book your Savor Body to Body massage and feel something you never felt in your entire life. You won’t be sorry that you chose to have this extraordinary experience.

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