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About Julia

Julia is our new and young girl here at Savor London Massage! Her beauty is remarkable and her passion for Tantric Massage art is all that you need for a unique and exceptional Tantric Massage experience in the company of a skilled, young, smart and sexy Tantric Massage Therapist!

Just imagine her naked slime body over yours and it will be enough to make you choose her!
She has experience in Tantric Massage and knows all the secrets to deliver a perfect, well-done and unique Tantric Massage.
We invite you to arrange an Incall with Julia in South Kensington or request her for an Outcall, to visit you at your Central London hotel or at your Residence for a unique Savor Tantric Massage experience that you will for sure never forget. 


Age: 22

Eyes: Brown

Hair color: Brunette

Height: 5'9

Ethnicity: Bulgarian

Languages: English

Location: South Kensington

What our clients are saying about Julia

"Julia is fantastic. A truly beautiful girl. "
"I booked Julia a few days ago, she is amazing."
"Julia made my day better. I saw her in South Kensington and she boosted my energy. Thank you."
"Julia is a young girl. She made me feel so comfortable and she had a smile on her face the entire time."