A Woman’s Guide to the Art of Tantric Massages

A Woman’s Guide to the Art of Tantric Massages

For men, the unspoken “happy ending massage” has, for years, satisfied a need to release pent-up sexual tension, with some opting for the novel tantric experience. For women, penetrating tantric circles is new territory. Yet, erotic massages in London are quickly gaining traction, not for the assumed “pleasure play” but methods far more therapeutic. If you’re a lady looking to dabble in the art of tantra, here are a few things to consider. 

The Basics of Tantra

As with men, women often turn to tantric masseuses to experience pleasure and become one with the sexual self. Often, women become trapped by their desire to please their partner rather than focusing on their sexual release. Other times, women can chalk up their inability to perform as they want to due to a traumatic experience. 

Hardly does a woman feel comfortable in their skin, especially amid today’s unrealistic industry standards. To simply lie back and receive is hugely empowering. However, there is more to tantra than sexual gratification—for women seeking a therapeutic encounter, tantra takes on a different perspective. 

What You Can Do

The first step to tantra is knowing whether your goal is to experience something pleasurable or therapeutic. A woman need not have undergone something traumatic to develop a fear of sex and intimacy. Perhaps popular culture warps your understanding of sex. Similarly, unrealistic expectations from peers can dictate how you perceive it. If so, a therapeutic massage can alleviate anxiety and stress. 

On the other hand, if you’re up to exploring your sexuality through lesser-known outlets, consider indulging in a pleasurable massage. 

Where You Can Look

Rarely will you discover the right tantric massage parlour in your standard directory. If you know someone who can recommend a reputable establishment, ask them about their experience. If it sits well with you, take them up on an offer. 

If you’re short on connections, attend a tantra festival and get to know a few attending therapists. Ask them about their area of expertise—whether it be trauma healing or purely pleasurable. Let them know your specific needs and history—a tantric therapist will never judge. 

Feel free to ask contending therapists how long they’ve been in business. Most masseuses with therapeutic abilities will have been an industry player for at least a few years.

What to Expect

For first-time receivers, nerves and anxiety are nothing new. To put your mind at ease, your masseuse may conduct a quick consultation before your session. Now is the time to share your fears and expectations—don’t hold back. 

To promote a relaxing environment, your masseuse will likely burn incense or switch on a diffuser. Expect to be fully nude on a massage bed or table. Be vocal about what you’re most comfortable with. Your masseuse should adjust accordingly. 


Whether a man or woman, every individual has the right to experience the healing capabilities of tantra. The key to a pleasurable experience is knowing what you’re getting into—from shopping the right parlour to being open and honest about your expectations. 

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